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On August 26, 2013, Gramercy Insurance Company was found to be insolvent and placed into liquidation proceedings by the 53rd District Court of Travis County, Texas.  The Texas Commissioner of Insurance has issued an order designating Gramercy as an impaired carrier, triggering the obligations of the Texas Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association (TPCIGA) to handle Texas claims for certain policy losses of Gramercy.  The liquidation will be administered by the Texas Department of Insurance through its Special Deputy Receiver (SDR), Resolution Oversight Corporation.  


The SDR will send notice to Gramercy policyholders advising of the termination of any remaining in-force policies.  Policyholders should immediately contact their insurance agent or broker in order to obtain replacement coverage effective no later than September 25, 2013.  The Texas Department of Insurance website offers an FAQ for consumers regarding policies and coverages.


Gramercy handled most of its claims through two Third-Party Administrators, Pro IS (personal auto claims) and NTA (commercial auto claims).  Policyholders should continue to notify these TPAs of new claims.  New claims may also be reported to the SDR by calling 888-202-0422.  

At this time it is anticipated that TPCIGA will allow the TPAs to continue to handle loss claims on its behalf.  Claimants and insureds should continue to contact the TPA adjusters who have been previously assigned to their claims.  TPCIGA does not yet have any claims information and cannot discuss the status of pending claims.  

If you have uninsured motorists' (UM) coverage through another carrier, that insurance is now primary and you should contact your carrier to make a claim.  UM and all other forms of available insurance, including health benefits, must be exhausted before TPCIGA can consider payment of your claim.  


Claims for unearned premium will be processed as soon as possible after TPCIGA receives all necessary financial information from the SDR.  It is not necessary to file a claim for your unearned premium.


All lawsuits against Gramercy are permanently stayed by order of the Travis County District Court.  In addition, all lawsuits in which Gramercy was obligated to defend a party are automatically stayed for a period of six months, or until February 26, 2014, per TEX.INS.CODE §462.309.


Ernesto A. Garza

Resolution Oversight Corporation

P. O. Box 2077

San Antonio, TX 78297-2077

Phone (210) 490-8808

Fax (210) 764-5548


More information is available through the SDR's website at www.GICReceivership.com

Information as of 08/29/2013

Gramercy Insurance Company


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