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Auto and Other Lines Claims

If you have questions about filing a Proof of Claim form, please contact the Special Deputy Receiver (SDR) for your insurance company.  

If you are reporting a new claim, please contact the SDR to begin the claim process.  If you are reporting a claim that is potentially covered by the TPCIGA, the SDR will then refer the information to our offices.  You may contact TPCIGA here.

The TPCIGA covers claims under property and liability policies issued by an impaired carrier, to the extent that they are "covered claims."  These may include claims under general liability, professional liability, business and personal auto, and homeowners' insurance policies.  All such claims are subject to the coverage limits of the policy up to a statutory maximum of $300,000.  The TPCIGA will also provide a defense to lawsuits covered under liability policies.

The TPCIGA does not cover:

Forms (available in pdf format, please fax to (512) 345-9341 or scan and email)

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