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A Liquidation Order was issued by the Travis County District Court on December 29, 2008 for the purpose of liquidating Austin Indemnity Lloyds Insurance Company (AILIC).  The Liquidation Order contains a finding of insolvency for the company.  This court order, along with an Order of Impairment issued by the Texas Insurance Commissioner, triggers the Texas Property and Casualty Insurance Guaranty Association’s (TPCIGA) handling of claims for certain policy losses and unearned premiums of AILIC.

AILIC was licensed to do business in Texas only and all policyholder claims for benefits  are expected to be directed to the TPCIGA.


As stated in the Notice of Cancellation, policyholders should contact their agents as soon as possible to secure new insurance coverage. The TDI website offers an FAQ for consumers regarding policies and coverages.

Texas Department of Insurance News Release


Policyholders should continue to notify AILIC of claims under normal reporting procedures, including the reporting of new claims as well as lawsuits pertinent to in-force policies of the company.  The Special Deputy Receiver will be preparing existing loss claims files for shipment to TPCIGA for handling.  Policyholders and claimants are requested to forgo contacting TPCIGA for at least 30 to 60 days after the entry of the Order of Liquidation to allow sufficient time for the files to be transferred.  The TPCIGA will be unable to discuss the status of pending claims until such time as the files have been transferred.

The Special Deputy Receiver has a website with more information.

Information as of 12/30/2008

Austin Indemnity Lloyds


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